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Mining for minerals (including coal) and Petroleum (including CSG) in NSW is regulated under the Mining Act 1992 and the Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991

The statutory frameworks established under each Act operate in the broadly similar way.  They each provide for the granting of leases and licenses authorising the exploration for, and extraction of, minerals and petroleum.

Each Act contains a land access regime and mechanisms designed to ensure that the environmental effects of mining and petroleum production are appropriately mitigated and that affected land is rehabilitated once mineral and petroleum extraction is complete.

The grant of a mining or petroleum lease or licence confers a necessary but not sufficient authorisation to carry out mining or petroleum extraction. 

Such development also requires other key approvals including:

A range of other 'secondary' approvals will also ordinarily be required including licences authorising the extraction of water under the Water Management Act 2000 and the Water Act 1912.

How we can help

Based in Sydney, we assist clients across NSW to resolve complex resources law matters. At Bick & Steele, we can help you by:

  • advising you on the statutory assessment and approval requirements for a particular resources project;

  • assisting you to obtain, renew or transfer mining or petroleum authorities;

  • representing you in land access negotiations;

  • reviewing environmental assessment documents to check whether they are legally robust;

  • assisting you with approval compliance issues including responding to statutory investigations; and

  • advising and representing you in legal proceedings challenging the approvals granted for a resources project.

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Examples of projects with respect to which our Directors have demonstrated their experience advising on these matters can be found here.

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